by Metclouds Technologies on February 08, 2022

Body posture is crucial for a good night’s sleep. And as your mattress experts, we firmly believe that a mattress not only need to be comfortable but it must also adapt to the specific needs of the person while sleeping. A good mattress makes all the difference in how your body feels when you wake up. It provides the required support to your back, neck, spine, and legs. A good mattress is a smart investment, and has a longing and important role for your productive days.

An orthopeadic mattress is specifically architectured to support your back, spine and provide optimum postural support. It is designed to deliver the right amount of support to relieve and prevent any issues related to the back. Recommended by experts to be the best mattresses for back pain and back support, the demand for orthopeadic mattresses is on the rise.

From coir to spring and memory foam and latex, there are lot of varieties and comfort levels to choose from. Nowadays orthopeadic mattresses are designed to do much more than provide back pain relief and spine alignment, they focus on providing a more fulfilling sleep experience.

Overtime, the term “orthopeadic” has been overused in the mattress industry. With the increase in sales of the orthopeadic mattresses, the sellers are now starting labelling even the ordinary bed mattresses as ‘’orthopeadic’’ to take advantage of the success that these mattresses had brought upon the market. Hence it is important to distinguish between authentic orthopeadic mattresses from regular mattresses out there. Authentic orthopeadic mattresses offer all the advantages to your body craving that well deserved shuteye.

Below are some of the ways you could benefit from using one:

  • It provides maximum support to your body while you sleep. An orthopaedic mattress has a firmer surface, ensuring that you get the correct amount of pushback effect for a perfect sleep. This indeed minimizes the discomfort of tossing and turning during your sleep and thus you wake up feeling more refreshed than ever.
  • The distribution of weight in an orthopaedic mattress is uniform. The right weight distribution is necessary for the prevention of building up of pressure points in your body, especially in the hip, neck, and lower back areas. This keeps your joints healthy in the long run and you won’t wake up sore after sleeping.
  • It keeps your spine perfectly aligned. The mattress is designed in a way  that the position of your spine is perfect like your sleep, thus reducing the chance of back pain and joint problems.
  • An orthopaedic mattress regulates better blood circulation at the time of sleeping by giving you the perfect posture. Hence it helps you be healthier overall.

Buying the right orthopeadic mattress is very responsible and not an easy thing, because the mattress should serve its ultimate purpose and be comfortable at the same time. Don’t just rely on information from your mattress online. To understand whether it's suited for you, it has to be tried. So, experience it, lie on your back, stomach, sides, to feel the mattress, and get the feel of it. The thing is that too firm mattress can put pressure on your back and spine, and too soft has a series of problems of its own. Both of these types can lead to pain in the back and neck.


  • The first thing that you need to take into account choosing the mattress is your body type, your height, weight etc. The primary task of each orthopeadic mattress is to adapt to shapes of the body, supporting it in the waist area, and also to spring in the shoulder and hip.
  • During testing the mattress, pay more attention to the position of your body and comfort, especially in the pose you sleep the most. If you mostly sleep on the back, your hips must have a natural position, and your back must immerse in the mattress. But if you mostly sleep on the side, then the humeral and femoral parts should be placed in the mattress in such a manner that the waist gets ample support.
  • Considering the two previous rules, before trying out the mattress you also need to make sure that your shoulder and hip rest upon the base. As a rule, the mattress is better when its base is longer than your height atleast by 10-15cm.

So, choose wisely while picking out your desired orthopedic mattress to start the perfect healing process.